The Importance of Childbirth Education

You may think to yourself, “Why does my provider want me to take so many classes? Childbirth Ed, Breastfeeding 101, Newborn basics…the list never ends!” These courses are recommended because it is important to educate yourself, know your options, and make informed decisions on the preferences you have for your pregnancy, birth, and baby!

You might also think, “But I saw the birth of my sibling when I was younger!” Or, “I babysat my niece all the time when she was a baby!” If we are being honest (and I always am), I had these thoughts. I thought…why bother?

If you also had these thoughts, try to remember that what you experienced is not the same as what you are about to experience. The birth that you watched or heard about years ago? That was the parents experience that you had the honor of watching or hearing about. What happened in that birth may not look the same as your birth.

Your baby has not been born yet. Their birth story has yet to be told. Your new life with this baby awaits! Don’t let someone else’s story influence the trajectory of yours.

Whether you take a course at your local hospital or birth center, or you take advantage of my self-paced course, I encourage you to allow yourself to forget your preconceptions about what it is like and learn the true functions and fundamentals of birth.

Once you have a clear understanding of birth and all of your options, you may start to recognize personal preferences about the way you would like to see your story unfold. Write these down, keep them handy, but know that those preferences may change on your big day (see more about writing your birth preferences HERE).

Remember: You can always reach out to me with any questions you have about pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, baby care, and more!

With love,

Your doula

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