I will hold space for you.

So that does that mean? To hold space.

Holding space for someone means to allow the other person to say what they need to say, feel what they need to feel, and do what they need to do without judgement or making it about you. It’s 100% their time, their situation, and their story.

It’s the most crucial thing I do for every client. When you are with me, my goal is that you feel validated, safe, believed and heard. That you know that you aren’t going through any of it alone. Because…

…your past/present experiences matter.

…your birth story matters.

…your feelings matter.

…your concerns matter.

This is my promise to you: You can always come to be as a safe person to talk to. I promise to listen, without judgement. I promise to not dismiss or minimize your feelings, concerns, or experiences. And I promise to not make it about me.

You’re important and you matter to me, okay?

With love,

Your doula

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